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Author Topic: Looking forward to ice. Canned salmon  (Read 321 times)


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Looking forward to ice. Canned salmon
« on: Sep 12, 2017, 12:23 PM »
Looking forward to getting out on the ice.  I know, I know, a couple of months yet, but still......

This week been enjoying the fruits of salmon snagging last year at Deadman's Basin.  Dad and I caught the limit in a couple of days, I've been canning and smoking this last week.  Been trying a dry cure on the fish prior to smoking.  2:1 brown sugar to salt.  Little garlic powder, onion powder.  5 hours on the fish, rinse and smoke.  Mainly skin-on fillets but also tried some chunks o' salmon.  That was amazing, just running oil from it when I took it out.  So so so so good!!  Way better results than brining. 

Canned salmon, gonna make some more fish cakes and eat them up tonite.  Salmon, it's what's for dinner!!  Looking forward to snagging again this year.  My cousin said the salmon bite on Fort Peck was pretty meager this year.  Probably cause they cut the number of fish they planted. 

Get out there and fish guys!  and eat them up!!


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