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Author Topic: Hoosic River  (Read 589 times)


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Hoosic River
« on: Apr 02, 2017, 10:06 PM »
I've fished lots of areas around it and I've fished the hoosic for bass before but next winter I will be after pike. Does anybody know if there are pike in the hoosic?? Or should I try to find spots on the Mohawk instead


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Re: Hoosic River
« Reply #1 on: Apr 03, 2017, 07:30 AM »
I've caught pike in Electric Lake, which is fed by the Hoosic, just dont know how prolific the numbers are in the river


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Re: Hoosic River
« Reply #2 on: Apr 05, 2017, 08:15 AM »
Yes, there are northerns in the Hoosac - the best place to try for them through the ice is above the hydrodam in Johnsonville - there is very limited access during the winter and there's always the question of how good/solid the ice is - the river does connect via duct under the railroad berm - to Twin Pine Lakes, the two small lakes bisected by Rte. 67 about 2 miles east of Johnsonville - I have ice fished the west side - lots of dink perch, some crappie and the occasional predator - east side is not reliably safe.

Floating would be a better way to access the spots with most potential - there area I would concentrate on most is from the Covered Bridge on County 103 (just off Rte. 67 in Buskirk) downstream to the Johnsonville Dam. The river is relatively slow through this stretch and provides some good bass fishing too. In addition to the launch areas listed below, there is a car top launch 1 mile west of Buskirk on Rte. 67.

From Hoosic River Watershed  Assoc. -

Buskirk to Johnsonville Dam

Buskirk, NY (#s 11 and 12) to Johnsonville Dam, Johnsonville, NY (#13) 5.1 miles

#11 and #12 Access: From the intersection of NY Rts. 67 and 22, in Eagle Bridge, take NY Rt. 67 3.1 miles west to County Route 103. Turn north on Rt. 103. The #11 access site will be just before the Buskirk Covered Bridge, on the left. It is signed. For #12, continue across the bridge, turn left, and travel 0.2 miles west on Rt. 59A, to a signed access area.
This stretch of water resembles a lake with many bays. A heron rookery is located on river right as the hills begin to close in on that side. Waterfowl make heavy use of the quiet backwaters. The river here still moves, but slowly.
Take out just above the Johnsonville dam, on the left (#13). Under no circumstances should floaters go beyond this point! The parking area there serves both the upstream take-out and the downstream put-in sites.

Another spot where large pike have been reported is under the Rte. 22 bridge in Hoosick Falls, there is a deep trough on the west side - access is limited. 

Johnsonville Dam to James Thompson Hydro

Johnsonville Dam, Johnsonville, NY (#14) to James Thompson Hydroelectric Project, Valley Falls, NY (#15) 4.2 miles

#14 Access: From the east, at the intersection of NY Rt. 22 and NY Rt. 67, travel Rt. 67 west about 8.3 miles to Johnsonville Road/County Rt. 111. From the west, at the Valley Falls bridge over the Hoosic River, travel east on NY Rt. 67 about 2.8 miles to Johnsonville Road. Go north on Johnsonville Road to River Road less than 0.1 miles on the right. Take River Road northeast to the parking area along the river. The put-in is about 100 yards down a mostly informal path to a small cove below the dam. The parking area is signed.
Just beyond the Johnsonville Dam, floaters pass under a historic 1891 mesh-floor iron bridge, and then past the piers of an old Greenwich and Johnsonville Railroad trestle. (A historic G&J railroad car is on display at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Greenwich, NY.) This section of river contains some big rocks, and is hard to float in low water. Further downstream, water becomes backed up by the dam at Valley Falls. As the dam and the adjacent abandoned factory buildings become apparent, and above the sign reading “Caution, Dam Ahead,” pull to the right and look for a grassy ramp to the river and the take-out site (#15). Under no circumstances should floaters go beyond this point!


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Re: Hoosic River
« Reply #3 on: Apr 05, 2017, 10:51 AM »
you can fish for it pike, best of luck to ya.  I've spent A LOT of time on the Hoosic and its connected backwaters and have never seen one with my own eyes there but I have heard of one being caught.  If I was going to summertime warm water fish the Hoosic River, its going to be for bass or yellow perch.   I don't think there is a better moving water in the capital district than the Hoosic for both Largemouth and Smallmouth.  Numbers and Size.    If you want pike through the ice, the capital district and southern ADK's have so many awesome fisheries to choose from.


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