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"RE: collecting and keeping land insect larvae !
« on: Dec 27, 2002, 08:08 AM »
"COLLECTING AND KEEPING LAND INSECT LARVAE FOR ICEFISHING."        how to collect and keep goldenrod galls!        gather galls on goldenrod plants in woodlands, meadows and fields from late fall to spring. AVOID galls with holes. birds have pecked out the larvae, or the worms have tunneled from the galls. slice the gall lenghtwise or crosswise . the cut should be shallow to avoid damaging the worm. pry open the gall with your thumbs . a knife or heavy scissors may be needed to open hard galls. refrigerate the grubs in bran, oatmeal or with a coarse wood rasp or extra - coarse sandpaper , grind the gall pods down to a fine medium. put the grubs and medium into a snuff can and keep in your fridge. freeze or refrigerate unopened galls. REFRIGERATED:, they will stay alive for months ;FROZEN:, they will keep up to two years.       if for some reason you dont have any idea what a goldenrod gall is. just use click on "IMAGES" and type "GOLDENROD GALL" and the images of the goldenrod gall will show up .     good luck collecting them. you can even collect them after you go icefishing if you spot them somewhere , i have and had good results with them .                                                                            ============================================== 8)  8)  YOU CAN ALSO COLLECT "CORN BORERS" IN LATE FALL INTO WINTER.  if you know anybody that grows a garden with corn. ask them if you can have the corn stalks after they harvest the ears of corn. ask them to please leave the stalks in the ground until they turn all brown. and before you get ready to go icefishing , harvest the corn stalks and bring them home , just check the jointed stalk areas for holes where the worms bored a hole in the stalk. the tough , jointed stalk , or stem , resembles bamboo . it has a central core of pith , or soft , spongy tissue where youll find them hiding . take one stalk at a , and look the joints over for holes , when you find a hole , make a shallow cut with your knife lenghtwise of the satlk . then slowlt pry open the stalk with your fingers , becareful you dont split the worm in half . after you collect the corn borers in a snuff can. continue to split apart the middle core , pith , or spongy tissue into small pea size pieces and put in with the corn borers and refrigerate . dont freeze them theyll spoil .        " enjoy collecting the free icefishing bait "  ;D ;D                        jim --bubba    ;)      central michigan  
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Re: "RE: collecting and keeping land insect larvae !
« Reply #1 on: Mar 05, 2004, 09:44 AM »
Interesting tips on the corn larva, had not heard of this before. My experience on Goldenrod galls, however, has not been worth the effort to try it again. Having read about the galls before, I have found and split several galls from different places and at differerent times. The results have always been the same. Too small grubs to even fit on the end of a hook.

Any suggestions to finding "bigger bugs"? Are the larva close to the size of the bait shop "mousies" or other stuff they sell?

Another good spring/summer bug is the white larva found while digging in the yard (usually when digging a hole in the lawn to plant something).

These beatle larva will be similar in appearance to Meal Worms or Wax Worms

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Re: "RE: collecting and keeping land insect larvae !
« Reply #2 on: Nov 29, 2004, 05:14 PM »
I've been harvesting a few goldenrod grubs over the past few days while I was out deer hunting here in WI. I found plenty of decent sized grubs, but they are still smaller than spikes, which I use all of the time for ice fishing. The funny thing is that I've had better luck finding the bigger grubs in smaller goldenrod galls. I don't know how many i've split opened, but I have covered the bottom of a snuff can, and that's about it.
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