Author Topic: Just Bought Ice Armor Extreme Weather Bibs... Base Layer Opinions Are Needed  (Read 384 times)


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Tonight I pulled the trigger and bought a pair of Ice Armor Extreme weather bibs along with Cabella's Inferno 2000 Pack boot.  Now I need a pair of base layer to go underneath, what do you think of these....

I was thinking of getting the BPS (their XPS version) base layers.

I am just not sure which one to get? I live in IL, will fish in WI or MN; it does get cold.  I am looking at the 2.0 or 3.0 Expedition shirt/pants.  Any thoughts or ideas?

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  I go with ..for my top layers... tech/silk/1.0 weight ...then add from there 3.0 or 4.0 weight depending on the weather temperatures forecast for that day ...atop that a good hoodie ...the best investment I have made for warmth is a good fleece vest ..if your core is warm your extremities will be too ... my outer layer is SI Predator Parka/Bibs ...most days don't need the Parka

My legs tend not to get as cold tech weight and some jogging/sweat pants .

Only thing to consider is size ..I don't like to be constricted with my shirt/base layer so I order XL as opposed to my normal size of Large . The base layer bottoms don't seem to be as constrictive so large fits fine.

I bought some Red Head Henley shirts from BPS about 5-6 yrs ago ...size large .....sleeves shrunk and neck stretched out after a washing or two ...did buy some BPS mid weight base layers too which seems to be holing up w/o issues .
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I wear the lightweight Patagonia Capilene base layer. It's a treated polyester that's thinner that a t-shirt. There are less expensive brands with a similar fabric but the Patagonia fits me better. The purpose of the base layer is wicking and moisture managment more than insulation. For lower mid layers I wear polyester microfiber jogging pants. I have thin ones from Adidas and Reebok and heavier ones from Nike. For the upper mid layer I wear as many layers of various weight polartech fleece as I need. My outer shell is uninsulated Gore-tex bibs and jacket. I don't want the shell to be insulated. That's what the base and mid layers are for. I have not found any other waterproof breathable fabric that works as well as Gore-Tex. It's worth spending the money for the real thing.


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