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What set up to use fishing for perch with tip ups

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Still fairly new to ice fishing, 4 or 5 years of going out a handful of times. Looking to go out this weekend targeting perch, not sure exactly how i should set up my tip ups. lines, jigs, bait, ext...

Tip ups I like to use size 6 trebles with icicles. I usually sett up 1 to 10 feet off the bottom.  Jigging I like to use Hali-jigs tipped with spikes.

Perch on tip ups?? maybe for Pike bait  ;)

A location would help, some places people would laugh at you for trying. Personally I set mine the same as for walleye just with a bit smaller tackle. Size 6 octopus hook, lip hook a fathead or small shiner. Split shot 8 inches up. Hang the hook a foot off bottom. Check often because small perch have a tendency to rip off minnows but not trip flags. Good Luck

The main problem with targeting perch on tip-ups is that you will have to wait for them to (hopefully) come to your traps.

Jigging tends to be more productive mainly because you can move around to find where they could be schooling.

Add to that the chance of catching yellow perch, white perch, crappie and sunfish all within the same general area?
Oh, sure, you can catch some of them on tip-ups, but with jigging you can catch MORE of them because you don't have to spend as much time rebaiting the trap and resetting it at the correct depth.

I'm not knocking your efforts, just giving other options to possibly increase your overall success.

In any case, good luck!


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