Author Topic: Info on the Fort for a guy who's sick of aimlessly augging holes!  (Read 1200 times)

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 I have a manual ice auger. All this drilling for nothing is getting depressing. If anyone can save me some time and trouble I'd appreciate it.
 How close are you guys going to the river mouths on the Fort lakes???
 Just curious as to how close to open water the ice is still relatively safe out there and how deep the water is in the channel on average???
 Also, I'm getting conflicted reports on what depth to fish out there. I'm at about 15' and not catching much at all. Some are telling me to move at least 10' deeper and others are telling me they're catching a lot of fish in less than 10' of water! Any info???
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Hi NoLimitSoldier,I can tell you only what i know and that is I've only been to echo once this year and that was last week-end when I luckily brought home a limit of "decent' perch.We weren't anywhere near the actual open water and I didn't see anyone really fishing anywhere near it so I'm not sure how close you could safely get.We were out from the school at the reserve on echo in anywhere from 15-22' of water and caught fairly well.One buddy was in around the 10 foot and he even caught a dozen or so that day.I had more luck in the 20 foot range.I also have a brother-in-law that has two ice augers that he possibly might want to sell,one is a old Jiffy and the other is a Taz.If your interested I can sure ask him and see what he wants for them if there for sale?Let me know and I'll ask.

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Roughly how far from the school shoreline were you. Were you close too the two sheds out there???? I was there Friday before and only caught 4?????


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