Author Topic: Everything you could want to know about ice.  (Read 524 times)

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Everything you could want to know about ice.
« on: Feb 01, 2016, 08:11 PM »
I posted this on the general chat page and the Massachusetts page.  I know some guys don't venture off of their state page so I figured I would share here also.   I don't wanna read about anyone dying because they went through.
Stay safe and tight lines.

Here is a site that I think might help everyone make informed decisions about ice.  I have read the site many times and still find something new I might have missed.  I like being as informed as possible about something that could potentially kill me.  Everyone always wants to know how thick the ice is.  Well it's not how thick the ice is as to how good the ice is.   Quality over quantity.  There is LOTS of information about ice on this site.  I would venture to say EVERYONE can probably learn something new about ice on this site.  I know I have learned plenty from it.
It is MY responsibility to make sure my children can enjoy fishing years from now. Make sure your kids can fish.  If you see something ILLEGAL Contact the Massachusetts Environmental Police Radio Room at 1-800-632-8075 at any hour of the day. They might show up if there is enough staff working.

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Re: Everything you could want to know about ice.
« Reply #1 on: Feb 08, 2016, 09:47 AM »
Thank you, I book marked it to read later.


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