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Author Topic: Silver lake fishing  (Read 62288 times)

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Re: Silver lake fishing
« Reply #480 on: Mar 08, 2020, 09:24 AM »
12” standard on some days

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Re: Silver lake fishing
« Reply #481 on: Mar 08, 2020, 01:39 PM »
8-10” perch were very common on silver until everyone and their 3rd cousins coworker showed up and pounded the snot out of both ends. Occasional fish over 10” were also caught. Combination of increased fishing pressure due to social media and just word of mouth are to blame for the increased pressure. It was normal to see over 70 huts out from the beach northward to standpipe. I guarantee perch fishing will be just as difficult this upcoming ice season as well. Realistically it’s not that large of a lake. I’d bet money other smaller non keeper sized fish died upon release because they were yanked up from 35’ of water in under 7 seconds. The lake can’t take 2 years of limits upon limits of perch being taken out and that’s being proven by a SHARP decline in size this year. Just my .02


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