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"EVERYONE needs to read this...Especially newbies!

Within the Utah State Forum, you have the option of visiting two message boards:
1)   Ice Fishing Utah
This board is intended as a place for questions, answers and opinions about general locations (e.g. “What’s a good place to find kokes within 50 miles of SLC?”) and discussions about bait, gear, safety, weather, Utah life, etc.  This is not the place to ask about the ice thickness on Secret Lake. For that, continue on!

2)   Utah Fishing Reports and Conditions
The intent of the Fishing Reports and Conditions board is to provide a place for you to:
a)   report the results of your most recent outing, and/or the current ice conditions; OR
b)   ask if anyone can provide either of the above if there are no recent reports.
Your report or question should pertain to the waterbody specified in the thread title.
IMPORTANT: You will not be able to see, access or post within the Reports and Conditions board until you have made a minimum of 3 posts on the Ice Fishing Utah board.
Once you have reached that minimum, you can reach the Fishing Reports and Conditions board by going here:
If you have not yet made 3 posts or are not logged in, you will only see the Ice Fishing Utah board in the table.

General Request
If you are unable to find a specific topic on the first page of the Ice Fishing Utah board, you have 2 options:
1.)   Go to page 2, then 3, 4.... until you find what you are looking for; OR
2.)   Use the search function ( because there is a great chance that many threads on whatever topic you are looking for already exist.
Taking this approach will help to minimize the potential for redundant and parallel threads.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation! Don't take it personal if I move your post to the R&C board or the appropriate board

One other thing to know is that on the 1st page of most lake boards there is maps and other associated stuff for that specific water. Check them out


"Why was my post removed?"
Moderators read pretty much every post that is removed from the entire national IS site, 95% of the time it is for some type of  profane word or expression and generally something known as "letter substitution", putting a couple of "$&" in the middle of a profanity in order to make the word "legal". Those are always removed by whatever Mod happens to see them first.  Advertising or personal "For sale" or "want to buy" posts are also removed pretty regularly, although private for sale PM's between members is allowed. Assorted other reasons for post removal may be found listed in detail (page 2, par 1) in the Forum Agreement (See link). On a rare occasion, a post will disappear for no apparent reason. If that happens, shoot me a pm and I'll attempt to figure it out.   


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