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Jiffy 30 3HP Tecsumeh Engine Trouble


Okay fellas, here's the deal.  I have a 3hp Tecsumeh engine jiffy and it bogs down/wont drill when under a load.  Things I've done:  Changed spark plug, put new fuel in, sprayed carb cleaner in the h/l adjustment screw holes and blew out with air and adjusted the carb screws currently set at: H- 1 1/4 turn from tight L- 3/8 turn from tight.  I've adjusted the screws up and down to no avail.  Do I need a new carb kit or to take it to a small engine mechanic.


what is the choke setting? also is it a cold start problem? how big a guy are you? i had one, i could bog it down with 250lbs of me specially if the blades are sharp and diggin? i had to set choke partially on, till she warmed up, then i could hog on her.mo jr has it, its 35 yrs old and still runnin just not strong enough to lug it around

Had the same problem this year.. new blades. And a $4diaphram and shes running good again


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