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Portable Shanty Lights
« on: Dec 02, 2005, 03:37 PM »
Inexpensive lighting in a portable:
I own a Eskimo QuickFlip II that comes with the fold down bench.  I went to the local hardware store and bought myself two of those clear interior trailer lights that have the switch in them.  I mounted each light to the under side of my bench with some alum flat stock.  I sat on the bench and marked the spot so that the light would shine between my legs when I sat on the bench.  I then wired them with some 18ga speaker wire.  I bought some large battery clips and I attached them to the end of the wire.  I have enough wire so that I can connect the clips to my trucks battery or for early ice I haul out my battery from my lawn tractor.  The only bad thing is there isn't a lot of light overhead but there is a lot over the holes.  I may buy another light and just attach it to a hook so that I can hang it over head if I wanted to.  Most of the time when I am by myself there is enough light from one light to see everything that I need.  This also works great at night when I am augering the holes or setting up the portable in the dark.  I think I got less than $10 in the whole deal.

I will post a picture next week after I pull my shanty out of storage.


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