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Ross Lake Camps:
Happy to be here on the Mass Board!!  Ross Lake Camps is in the North Maine Woods offering a Remote Ice Fishing Experiences to both the most advanced Anglers all the way to the beginner on his/her first trip.  If you are looking for a simple cabin rental where you can cook your own meals and fish on your own, or if you need a fully guided trip including all gear and snowmobile transportation for the duration of your trip, we can accommodate you.  You can stay on top of what's going on at the lodge and camps here on this thread.  PM us or e-mail us at if you need any further information or would like to ask specific questions.

Do you have any price lists?

Ross Lake Camps:
We are in the middle of a web update right now, so there are some increases for 2014. However you can go to and find pricing for some pre-set ice fishing packages that will give you a close idea. Our cabins vary in size and the lodging only rates are per cabin per night. There is a 2 night minimum stay, and each cabin has its own price depending on size and amenities. This list will also be posted on the website when the updates are complete. In the meantime, please just contact us for specific pricing information. 

Okay thanks!

I was blessed with a moose permit in 2011 and hunted with folks at ross lake camps.Don,Andrea and my guide bill are good people but also very knowledgable and GREAT at what they do.The accommodations where very comfortable.If your looking for a very nice affordable trip without hesitation these are the guys you want to hook up with.Rich Lawrence


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