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(TUT)HOW TO START A SERVER (Opening ports)
« on: Mar 12, 2013, 08:15 AM »

Step 1 : Open up "CMD" to open up CMD search it up on windows, then once open type ipconfig and press enter. Then copy the default gateway, once copy open up the internet and put it in the address bar like a link.

Step 2 : Ok now you have it open Click settings, then firewall then click applications, Pinholes and DMZ.

Step 3 : Once here first select a computer your currently using, If you don't know what computer your using, find the computer icon on the desktop right click then click details, The owner name is the one you want to select.

Step 4 : Go down the page to find add a new user-defined application click that.

Step 5 : Now the easy put then copy what I have here and repeat the process TCP and UDP (Please note the Application name dose not matter.)

Step 5 : Now after you made the TCP and the UDP, find them in the application list and add then to hosted applications. once done save and that's all.

Well hopefully this works it so please email me or msg me, any problems let me know.
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