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Author Topic: Tipup setup  (Read 1089 times)


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Re: Tipup setup
« Reply #20 on: Mar 02, 2013, 07:39 PM »
There are a lot of good suggestions on here. For example the guy who said if you would bass fish the area in The spring it's good for pike in winter.  I like 4-8ft of water with weeds. If you can find a point that fits this description surrounded by deep water even better. I use 2' of 14lb vanish line as my leader. I like using fluorescent gamakatsu circle hooks. Use smaller than you think. Size 6 for example. I prefer fluorescent green yellow and orange. Hook it through the back of a shiner behind the dorsal fin. Make sure you use a snell knot on the hook as only this will hold the minnow in it's natural position. If it is really cold and fish are sluggish use a dead shiner. Pike are predators and like to ambush baits but will never pass up an easy meal on slow cold days.  Good luck 


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