Author Topic: shappell fx100 leaks severely and told to retun it by shappell for money back.  (Read 2268 times)

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went out with my new shappell fx100 knowing of a rain sleet and snow front coming and said no problem i have my trusty ice house. wrong answer, started raining and all the roof seems (which you can clearly see daylight thru) started leaking water all over my things i was keeping out of the rain. i wanted to let all the water out some how like a bilge pump or drain plug or bail with a cup. ended up using a wash cloth to soak up some of the water and wringing it out over and over. was not getting much fishing done and it was pissing my off the longer i tried to fish. the roof seams also leak when snow is on it and melts from heating the shanty. another weird thing they did was do a folded double stitch in certain areas and those areas can not leak. all they had to do is use that stitch every where, but choose not to. i wanted to convey that to them, but their spoke person basically cut me off and only wanted to tell me what to do about it.

single stitch seam leaking severely

heres their double folded double stitched seam next to their single stitch. notice no leaking and no day light at double folded double stitched seam (in corner)

heres the kicker, i called Shappell Corporation:
3562 Jefferson Hwy.
Grand Ledge, MI 48837
[email protected]
888-571-1144 - USA
and told the lady who answered what is going on. she jumped me and said it is an ice fishing shanty not a rain shelter. i told her the roof seams leak when snow is on it too and she said take it back where you bought it because if she sends me another one it too will leak. i told her how you can see plenty of daylight thru the seams and she would not say any thing other than get my money back. i mentioned to her, after she tells me its not for rain or snow that my other shappell does not leak like this one does. she says oh what product is it. i said the dx3000 and she again said return it to place of purchase. i called my place of purchase ( a friend of mine) and asked if he would get his money back or not. he said it will take several months to find out if he will. he said thats just part of doing business and bring it back.

i guess i want to mention all of this to those who might be thinking the same thing i was thinking, to not buy one of these shelters to get out of the elements as they FAIL to protect you and your gear.  btw, the shappell spokes lady said to put seam sealer on the seams until i mentioned all of the daylight coming thru them.

some one asked about these earlier and i had not had the chance to field test it enough to know what i know now. i did have more cons than pros at that time and after posting and reading what i wrote i came to realize it must not be that great when there are by far more cons than pros.

i am on the look out for a real ice fishing shelter, if any one knows of one that is a flip over and light weight and does not leak at the seams, please let me know.

if any one wants this shelter, its on the block for 150.00 w/cover for a short time. used it about 10 times. wont be around here long as i can get all of my money back from my friend who sold it to me whole sale. i would rather take a lose than making him take one. kind of in a dilemma.

update for Minnowhead:
the fabric is great and i could not ask for more out of it. it will condensate when its heated and cold out side is all.

i called mark at shappell a moment ago and asked if they can make a change for the roof stitch to be double folded and double stitched like the rest of the shanty is. he claimed he didn't know it was that way and blamed it on the chinese and said he would see what he could do.

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Couple quick tricks before you move it on -

1)  Seam seal it (yes, just like the phone lady said) - make up a solution from GE Silicon 2 Glue (in the squeeze tube), CLEAR with a bit of mineral spirits mixed in - you want it to be slightly soupy, so wet but not too thick.  Then using a disposable brush paint that solution on all the inside seams of the canvas.  Even if you see light, baring a major rip in the seam, this solution will seal it.  Trust me - don't wear nice clothes when doing it, either - and wear disposable gloves.  It will smell funky, make sure it dries out well and do it in an open air environment.

2)  Get a can of Campdry.  It's a spray on sealant for poly tents, found in the camping aisle.  Spray it over the top/rear edges.  That won't full waterproof the canvas, but it will greatly help it's water resistance. 

Both of those tricks are cheap, and easy to do in an afternoon.

Just keep in mind, anything you do to seal water out will also seal water in!  Remember that when the heater's running hard and the humidity's up.

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I have a 2 year old Jason Mitchell pro that is thermal and weighs in at 60lbs. I have fished in two 3-4 hour down pours and it hasn't leaked a drop, with that being said when I went to load up to leave it felt like 100lbs. I got home and set up to dry and it was the next morning, I have added nothing to tent and was impressed with no leaks as my dad was with me in a Rover and he got soaked. I wish the fabric was black (for heat) and will probably add a better seat all in all it will work till something better comes along.

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there is not such thing as a waterproof shanty unless its a hardside. Its like goretex boots yea their waterproof for short periods of time exposed to water, stand in water and water will seep in eventually. Think about how much a goretex ice shanty would cost to build/buy. As mentioned campdry will work but a waterproof barrier will just hold condensation on the inside. Now with that being said i have shappell icehouse 6000 and have been in periods of rain and snow eventually the water does come in but it keeps me drier then being outside which allows me to fish longer.

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That really sux.  I have a Shappell 3000 and the material is awesome!  Never leaked or had issues with condensation.  My buddy just got and put together a FX100.  I was going to buy one also, but have to see the material on his work first!  I do not want any issues when I fish.
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I'd do it this way.
1) Return the defective shelter.
2) Get money back.
3) Buy beer.
4) Drink beer.


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