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trip to lake simcoe
« on: Feb 18, 2013, 06:29 PM »
I went to simcoe last week.  Our group of 10 was hammered by "winter storm Nemo".  Our first day was the best day of fishing.  About noon the group decided to get a little closer to shore so we didnt get stuck out on the lake like 2 miles from shore.  The move ended the stellar fishing and we only put a few more in the bucket before calling it a day.  We started off the lake at 230.  The snow was at least a foot deep everywhere with drifts well over 2 feet.  Picture a frozen choppy day.  The waves were about 10 feet apart.  Deep and then, well less deep, areas.  Long story short we spent two and a half hours getting 5 quads off the lake.

There were a few cans and bottles emptied at night time, but we managed plenty of good fish during the day.  Here are a few pics.

Pictures to follow when photo bucket gets its act together



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