Author Topic: Going to fish Crappies at night?  (Read 2280 times)

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Going to fish Crappies at night?
« on: Feb 12, 2013, 08:04 AM »
My Son and I are going to try fishing Crappie at night. This will be on the Mississippi River at Lacrosse WI. I have never done this in the winter. In the summer my Father and I use to get some beautiful Crappie at night with minnows. Standing on a boat dock with flashlights. I can still remember it.
  Anyway,give a few tips on fishing crappie at night on the ice. I would appreciate it.   Jerry

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Re: Going to fish Crappies at night?
« Reply #1 on: Feb 12, 2013, 12:37 PM »
Glow jigs and a green light in the water will help alot if you use minnows try a glow hook

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Re: Going to fish Crappies at night?
« Reply #2 on: Feb 13, 2013, 12:39 AM »
any jig that glows, if you dont have a flasher, try this technique my buddies taught me...lower it to the bottom, reel up the slack and about 2 handle turns worth of line, then jig the crap out of that jig for a few seconds. Then as slowly as you can stand raise that rod tip to the roof of your hut, jigging it lightly every so often. when you get to the top, slowly let it back down just as slowly as you raised it watching for the line to go slck or the spring bobber to kinda pick up. Knocked the crap out of them doing this.
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Re: Going to fish Crappies at night?
« Reply #3 on: Feb 13, 2013, 08:44 PM »
I start with 3 rods, a glow jig with a minnow, a swedish pimple tipped with a minnow head, and I jig with an ice fly with my vex. Doesn't take long to figure out what they want!!
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Re: Going to fish Crappies at night?
« Reply #4 on: Feb 14, 2013, 08:51 AM »
i used to live in lax...we fished at nite on the miss...caught sheep heads all evening....we moved closer to shore in about 14 ft of water...slayed crappie!..this is a must...try to find a place with very little current...some places the are none...we fished on the lacrescent side over by the marina under the bridge...we would rip the sheep head eyes out and use those for craps...get stuff that GLOWS BRITE!the water there is really stained...hope it helps.let us know how you do....oh...and the light...on lakes you need lights...on rivers...lots of glow...the light attracts plankton in lakes...we never used one in the river...or a flasher...blind fishin.this was 15 yrs ago.
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Re: Going to fish Crappies at night?
« Reply #5 on: Feb 27, 2013, 04:16 PM »
Look for structure with fishfinder.  I have the most success with deep water ice-fishing crappie.  If in 30fow, start a foot or two off the bottom.  If you have a flasher/finder, watch the activity.  You should stir things up and get some attention.  Also, I like swedish pimples, lightweight spoons, and lightweight maribous.  Tip the vertical presentations with minnow heads or waxies, and the horizontal ones with waxies. I make use of my dead minnows by freezing them.  A nice bright light in its own hole helps big time too.  Connect it to a 12v battery and you're on as crappie are pretty much nocturnal feeders but gravitate to the light- particulary in the summer when bugs are on the surface.
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