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17 Feb Pineview
« on: Feb 18, 2012, 10:14 AM »
Hit Pineview yesterday.  Took the sled and launched via the Port Ramp.  No issues going on or coming off with sled.  Had to drive across a little asphalt no snow so I'm sure the bottom of the skis runners are showing this.  Anyway... Edges at Port Ramp show they may be tender but again with the sled on and off the throttle is ones friend within reason of course. ;D

On the ice roughly 0730.  Headed to the middle inlet fishing south side of Browning Point in the area of the submerged island but south of it.  Worked from 57' into 35' FOW.  Drilled numerous holes looking for willing participants.  We could see them down there via the electronic vex fish liars but really only sniffers and sight seers.  Water clarity is very good as when we dropped down the offerings fish would race up from the bottom almost 2-3' but slammed on the fins air breaks and proceeded into the hover and non-commital mode.  ???

Finally found that 35 FOW would allow us to keep the skunk at bay.  Bits were soft and again rod in hand was the key...dead sticking I noted the fish would slowly head to the bottom.  Slight jigging allowed us to put 11 keeper Perch on the hard deck.  Missed several 'mystery' fish that for sure when you set the hook felt like keepers.  Guess the ole hook set wasn't set firmly enough for a topside visit.

Lures that produced this were Stingers and Swedish Pimples tipped with waxie.

One shouldn't have to work to catch panfish but for sure this entire season has been employing the famous 3Ps of Passion, Persistence and Patience with moving and time on the hard deck.

Headed back to Pineview this afternoon looking for afternoon Perch then setup tent, lights, crank on heater and give another try for them night time Paper Mouths.

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Re: 17 Feb Pineview
« Reply #1 on: Feb 18, 2012, 03:49 PM »
Not bad ladies, not bad at all.   :)
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