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Author Topic: Winter weekend in Maine 3/19/11 Dig some cohaugs (huge clams) no permit needed!  (Read 1373 times)


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Plenty of cohaugs in main for all and you dont need a permit. A five gallon bucket and a pitchfork and hipwaders or high boots is all you need. We went to pine point beach in scarborough and everyone was digging and finding these monsters. We didn't know anyone could do this until I inquired,but the beach had plenty of room for all to dig. Low tide is the best time.They say there only good for chowder because of there size, but who don't love chowder! It's something fun for all on a quick weekend get away. Just make sure others are digging if your not sure of the season..(Don't want to see anyone get a ticket).... One bucket per person,I do know that much.g][/img]
leave some for the next person


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