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Home Made Camera Compass
« on: Feb 08, 2011, 08:48 AM »
I'll begin by saying I tried to purchase the Marcum camera compass but was unable to get one. I've seen a few ideas for home made compasses here on IceShanty. I've seen them made from a 5 gallon bucket lid and wood. The wood looked nice but I was concerned with durability .. having to refinish, warping, etc..
My buddy and I shot around a few ideas when he remembered he had an old cutting board laying in his shop. After routing out the design, purchasing two plastic cleats and 4 SS screws (about $8) this is what we came up with.
It's not too fancy but it's durable and serves the purpose nicely. The cleats hold the cable but the spacing of them allows for larger, gentler loops. Also by using the slightly larger size cleats they double as handles to turn the compass. I hope this helps.  ;)

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