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Author Topic: PVC !!! Show us your PVC, Build, add-on, rod holders, ETC. Any with PVC pipe!  (Read 142601 times)

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Nice job  Birchbeard

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HI "Birchbeard!"
     Nice build, they look great!  Keeps the rods (etc) up out of your way and also keeps them clean from getting all snow and iced up when not in use,
since they have the rod tip down into the PVC holders.  I have mine the opposite... All five out in the open and found a couple of times if i had to
walk aways over the ice with a wind and snow blowing, the rods would ice up and get covered in snow. That's a great idea and build you made. Thanks so much for sharing. It's appreciated.
   Have an excellent winter season. We are looking forward to your next builds, keep adding to your sled. Have fun with it.
  Take Care.

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How did you make these?                   
Here's a few of my PVC projects...
Rod holder
(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)
(Image removed from quote.)

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(Image removed from quote.)
Here's some mods i did to my sled last winter. The end rod holders can be at a slant as is or can be turned to be straight up. Such fun doing mods.

I made some pole holders, for transporting rods like those in this picture.  I cut them two inches longer then the rods and cut slits in them like you have here, for setting your rod into the holder.  I just turn the rods around the other way so that the tip goes into the holder, so that it is protected.  Never thought about mounting them so that they can be used as holders too!


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