Author Topic: JIG-A-WHOPPER JIG-A-WHOPPER 16 pics CHECk THEM OUT UPDATED 4-6-2008  (Read 16105 times)

Offline speckslayer888

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those r all great fish but those perch really stand out, thts the definition of a jumbo

 Whos got the fish whistle???

Offline tjl1982

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Dang, those are some monsters!! Nice catch!!

Offline luv2fish24/7

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nice fish those perch are huuge

Offline fishuhalik

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soo....are those perch or bass?  Geez, I've never seen a perch that fat in MN.

Always wear clean underwear, cuz ya never know when the paramedics are gonna have to cut your pants off.

Offline Green Puffin

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  • Slammatime!
seen these wayyyyy to many times


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jeeze what slobbb perch the biggest ive ever seen man! how much did the first walleye weigh out to be?? my dad just caught a 12 3/4 eye he didnt want to mount it, hes waiting for mr bigg ahahhaha nice pictures brother

Offline Two Bobs

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Thats a lot of beauties

Bob :o


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