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Author Topic: What a stupid I am: Problem with clam plate and Milwaukee drill  (Read 493 times)

Offline buz23

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I've been using a Fuel drill with a 6" lazer for 5 years now and have never had a problem.  Yesterday that changed.  On the last hole of the day, my rig started bucking and jumping and cutting out wildly.  I figured maybe the second battery was down and gave up for the day.

I started out this morning with two full batteries, walked 3/4 of a mile and started drilling.  SAME THING.  Flakes of paint were flying off the flites, I couldn't control it.  Gave up after drilling 3 holes, went home and took the entire thing apart, re-shimming the clam plate to extension joint and tightening all bolts.  It seemed like something was out of line (big time wobble) or out of balance.  I did find one set screw on the bearing that was loose and the bolt holding the extension to the clamp plate outlet was a little loose.  Finally thought that should do it and stood the thing up in the corner of the basement, ready I thought for my next trip.

Then I noticed a "2" on the drill, indicating that somehow I had switched the thing from low speed to high while fishing.  That was the entire problem.  I feel really stupid that I didn't recognize the problem immediately, but I had never even tried high speed before so it didn't click.

Live and learn.  BTW, the quote is from Roberto De Vincenzo, who signed an incorrect score card in the final round of the 1968 Masters and did not get into a playoff with Bob Goalby, the winner.

Online lefty2053

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Heck I'm 66 and still learn new things all the time. Most of them are OE. My wife pointed out to me one day while I was mowing that one of the tires was low. I was wondering why the dam thing kept pulling to the right.

Offline Tom1983

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I knew that the correct setting was 1.  I had no idea that changing to 2 would cause it to act like that!

Offline Monticatgeek

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always check it before using each time. also check to see that it didn't get put in hammer mode if you run a hammer drill. that will throw your auger out of the correct pitch mighty fast  and make it uncontrollable too and it will not cut right after that.
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