Author Topic: Aqua Vu 715C opinions  (Read 161 times)

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Aqua Vu 715C opinions
« on: Feb 08, 2019, 07:44 AM »
So my dad and I have been looking at upgrading our underwater cameras. We're still using a couple of FishTV models that still work, just getting old. So I've been looking around, but haven't seen anything that made me want to pull the trigger. My dad texted last night saying he ordered the 715C. Now in my research ive heard that this model doesn't do well in murky water, which we have a lot of, and in general just doesn't seem to have a lot of positive reviews. Does anyone have any experience with this particular model? I'd like to hear your view, whether good or bad.

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Re: Aqua Vu 715C opinions
« Reply #1 on: Feb 19, 2019, 09:06 PM »
I bought one a couple weeks ago and have only used it a few times. I've got a daughter who will hopefully start ice fishing soon and I figured it would be neat for her to see the fish to hopefully keep her interested/entertained.

I used it for sturgeon spearing, and I do like the bracket on the top that allows for different viewing angles. After only a few uses, switching the angles has caused some superficial cuts in the plastic coating on the cord. I could see this being a potential issue in the future. I used it looking horizontally across the bottom, and suspended it above the bottom looking straight down.

It automatically switches between color and black/white mode depending on how much light the camera can gather. I can tell you it doesn't take too much light to switch to color mode. I had my camera on the bottom in 17 fow and it would start off in b/w first thing in the morning, but had switched to color by 8:15.

I didn't use it with the LED light at all since we're not allowed to use the light while sturgeon spearing. I haven't seen a fish with it yet, but that's not the camera's fault. I did have to twist the cord occasionally to keep my target in the center of the screen, but that's to be expected I guess.

The 50 foot cord will be more than long enough for anywhere I fish, but I wish it had a replaceable battery like the flashers so a guy could swap out a dead battery with a fresh one for a full day of fishing. I've run mine as long as 6 hours straight and the battery didn't die.

So far I like it, no real complaints, though I haven't used it much. I didn't have any trouble seeing out what I figure was probably 10-12 feet in water that wasn't murky, but sure wasnt gin clear. I found mine on sale for 20% off and couldn't pass it up. I'm not gonna get rid of my flasher, I think each tool has certain benefits and drawbacks and works well for particular scenarios.


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