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Author Topic: The perfect ice auger for cordless drill.  (Read 1937 times)

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Re: The perfect ice auger for cordless drill.
« Reply #30 on: Feb 27, 2019, 11:59 AM »
Strikemaster coming out with new light weight auger next season. 5lbs and can be used with drill or 40v powerhead.

But I think the best one out now is this one, not mine but found on fb.

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Re: The perfect ice auger for cordless drill.
« Reply #31 on: Feb 27, 2019, 12:36 PM »
A 5 pound auger section would certainly draw some interest. As Scratcher notes above, you don't really need top to bottom flights. The Mini Nero only comes up 24" and I'm drilling 28" of ice these days with no intermediate shaving clearance. But it's a heavier gauge steel than the others so wouldn't qualify as a lightweight unit. Where it shines is the blades. Those Russian metallurgists nailed that high carbon alloy, tougher than Nils in my experience and able to take a very acute edge grind. They have a laughably low unit price if you ever need  replacements. For those comparing drilling speed of a Nero to a K-Drill, there's a YouTube video showing that race with the same power units. Nero wins by about a 5/2 ratio. I'm stealing Scratcher's PVC blade guard design.
  All the available augers out there, even including Gunflint's titanium featherweight have good features and benefits. You'd have to work at it to go wrong with any choice.
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