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Author Topic: $4 drill adapter no weld  (Read 668 times)

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$4 drill adapter no weld
« on: Jan 28, 2019, 09:38 PM »
I know it has been done a few times before using schedule 40 pipe to make an auger adapter so I can't take credit for the design. This is just my little twist on it. Since I have been too busy/lazy to run the electric for my welder at my new house and I wanted an alternative to the clam plate i have, I decided to make one with a 3/8 pipe nipple and  2.5" 9/16 grade 8 bolt. Tools needed are a tap set, vise, grinder, drill, tubing cutter or saw and I'd say a torch is optional. First I cut off the ends of the nipple with a tubing cutter. Then i drilled one end out with a 1/2" bit as the tubing was a hair small for the 9/16 tap. I then tapped it. I then drilled a couple holes in the threaded section of pipe. I ran the bolt in and cut the head off. Being that 9/16 is too large for the chuck I took a piece of scrap 1/4 rod I had laying around and chucked it into a drill to use as a mandrel. I wrapped it with masking tape until the pipe fit snug over it. I then ran the drill on high while working down the shoulder of the bolt to a size that could chuck into a drill using a bench grinder. I locked the bolt in by brazing it to the tubing with bronze rod. If I didn't have a torch available I would think jb weld or even a liberal dose of locktight thread locker would work just fine. Then I drilled a 1/4 hole for the wing nut on the other side. Test fit it up. Runs nice and true. I just have to go grab a frisbee to put on the auger below the wing nut and I'll be all set.

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Re: $4 drill adapter no weld
« Reply #1 on: Feb 05, 2019, 01:23 AM »
Nice!  :thumbsup:  Basically a heavier-duty version of the HT Enterprises adapter.

I did something very similar with 3/8" black pipe, except I welded mine and it is 42" long for adjustable length.  LINK
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