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Bay of Quinte Jan 17-20
« on: Jan 21, 2019, 10:32 AM »
Quinte Gold Rush 2019
10 years strong.

Our annual trip to the Bay of Quinte just wrapped up so I figured Iíd share a few pictures and let you know how we made out. We spent January 17-20 on various parts of the Bay searching for the somewhat elusive Quinte gold. We were faced with some interesting weather this trip. Thursday and Friday were perfect fishing days with a bit of sun, no wind and close to 0 degrees. Saturday and Sunday on the other hand were windy, -17 & -18 with lots of snow. That being said, fishing is fishing and we would all rather be on the ice then sitting on the couch.

Thursday - Morning

With people coming from all over southern Ontario, 3 of us started our trip Thursday morning fishing Belleville. We knew the ice was new so we spudded our way to the red can and set up in 13-14 feet of water. We got out a little late because of the questionable ice but started marking fish right away. We should have been out there a bit earlier but, we ended the morning with 3 fish iced and a few lost. It was nice to get the rust off and get back on the Bay.

Thursday Ė Evening

That evening the rest of the team had arrived and we headed to Huffs. We usually donít fish straight out with the crowds. Over the years weíve found a few little isolated section that usually hold/attract fish. Itís a bit of a walk but we arenít sharing fish with everyone else. If its your first time hitting the Bay try to stay outside of the crowds.  The evening bite started out very strong with the biggest fish of the trip. This was a new PB and he couldnít be happier (even though he isnít smiling)

The rest of the evening was filled with a few nice fish and a bunch of eaters.



With the cold front moving in Friday evening/Saturday morning the fish were looking to feed up before it hit and we were waiting for them. The nice thing about Huffs is that they have to come through that section to get anywhere else in the bay. We went back to our usually spot, set the huts up and had an amazing day on the ice. They wanted it jigged very aggressive and if you slowed down at all they would just swim away






If youíve spend any time on the bay you know that the morning and night bites are usually where you see most of your fish. The midday lull sucks. Today was a different story, the fish kept coming in waves all day and really didnít stop at all. This was our single best day on the ice for the last 10 years Iíve been doing this trip.

Saturday & Sunday

That winter storm hit the Bay hard and put a stop to pretty much everything we had going. The fish were still there, they just werenít interested in eating. We caught a bunch of smaller keepers over the next few days but it was a grind.

One of the issues with Huffs is that the current can get pretty strong at times. This makes downsizing hard as it will sweep your lures away and you canít see them on your fish finder.

The highlight of Saturday was this beauty 9lber that decided to play along.


We usually keep it pretty simple with our lure selection. This year the hot baits were the gold and orange sidewinder, UV jigging raps, and macho minnow. Braided line with floro leaders in the 8-10lb range and M to MH rods.

If youíve got to this point thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the recap.
Next upÖSimcoe

See you on the ice

-   Randaller

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Re: Bay of Quinte Jan 17-20
« Reply #1 on: Jan 21, 2019, 10:54 AM »
Awesome!  Congrats!! Great pics!!!

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Re: Bay of Quinte Jan 17-20
« Reply #2 on: Jan 21, 2019, 11:07 AM »
Thanks for sharing the pictures and for all the tips.  I'm planning a trip there sometime soon.

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Re: Bay of Quinte Jan 17-20
« Reply #3 on: Jan 22, 2019, 06:07 PM »
Great job men ! We have a 8 man team heading to Simcoe Feb 8-10... Good luck and great report!

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Re: Bay of Quinte Jan 17-20
« Reply #4 on: Jan 23, 2019, 12:50 AM »
Nice going Randaller.  Looks like I made it into one of your pics lol.  One of the 6 zillion huts out there.  I thought for sure the parking lot was going to sink on Saturday. 
I had to drill holes outside the hut for the transducer at times but with the currents switching around I found it easier just pulling the the ducer up against the lip of the hole to point it in the direction of the current.  Were you tipping the sidewinder?

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Re: Bay of Quinte Jan 17-20
« Reply #5 on: Jan 23, 2019, 03:47 AM »
Randaller, would you e-mail me at [email protected]? Would like to ask you for some advice. I fish Lake Erie's western basin, but it is not looking like we will have safe ice this year. Am thinking about heading north. Thanks! (330-238-0148)

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Re: Bay of Quinte Jan 17-20
« Reply #6 on: Feb 10, 2019, 04:33 PM »
As always dude great fishing!


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