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Smaller size would allow for more sensitivity and grip options....a baitcaster built this way would be a perfect fit for crappie dipping rods too

 i think i paid $50 for a small low pro pfleuger i forget the model.  have it on a 36" mackinaw rod with spiral guides.  pretty much the only rod i use for pike, lakers and burbot.


--- Quote from: HWeber on Sep 23, 2018, 08:36 AM ---Not enough rods out yet, but same argument could be had for nor having rods, not enough reels.  ;D what comes first the rod or the reel  ???

--- End quote ---

The rods of course.  Back when I was looking for a bait casting set-up, there were pretty much broom stick with like two line guides.  Then there was the Dave Genz Gold rod for like a cheap $100 and some change.

A child fishing rod was a better choice.  Barbie or Snoopy...LOL.

Nowadays there could be quality youth bait casting rods that will get the job done wonderfully for $20 but they'll be at about 4' long to maybe 5' long.  There were even short 3' bass rods that existed for a long time too, Diawa Triforce comes to my mind.  If you want better specs or quality custom made route.

hey Bart, if you wanna get rid of that 6061, shoot me a PM, wire

I've been using this one for the last few seasons. yet to get a monster on it but works good.


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