Author Topic: Airplane Jigs...What is their main use...and how to properly Jig?  (Read 1663 times)

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At the end of last season I picked up a few of these airplane style jigs on a freinds receomendation. They are bigger and heavier then most jigs that I fish so I wanted to get some advice..

Do you guys use them? if so for what kind of fish mostly? and the proper method of jigging them?

My quesses on these questions are that they are jigged very similarly to a rapala, and that they should be tipped with a minnow...but thats the best of my knowledge.


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personally, not one of my favorites....and not something to turn to even though I have very buddy swears by them....I sweat at them.....the Rap produces burbot for him........and nothing for me.....I think it might be a confidence thing...I think....Grump

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Glow in the dark airplane jig, 1 inch piece of nightcrawler.  My go to rig for trout.


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I have came across two types one with a single hook and wings and a larger one with a hook in a bucktale and treble hooks on each wing. I am not sure which one you are referring to icejunky. The one I have is the smaller of the two.
I don't fish it that often but when I do I employ a 1 foot lift, and fall on semi slack line. this lure tends to do a wide circle both on the lift and on the fall.
I usually bait them with a twister tale of some sort, or a minnow. :)


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Years ago I fished them on a mountain lake in CO. The regs called for no live bait, so we tipped them with sucker meat. Fished with a lift, drop, hold, then lowered them right to the deck. The lake trout would often grab them just as you pulled off bottom. We were fishing 30fow and the bites felt almost like a little weed or something was attached. Most of the fish were small but I did ice one 27'' female on 4#. Pretty exciting, considering we were really on a ski trip, and I threw a bucket of ice tackle in last minute. The views on the lake (Turquois) were worth the price of a day license, even if the fish weren't biting. Ringed by snowcapped peaks, I can still picture it 14 years later. The jigs were chartreuse an geen, with a small treble stinger.


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