Author Topic: Palm Style 'Marmish' rods  (Read 2723 times)

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Palm Style 'Marmish' rods
« on: Nov 25, 2005, 11:06 PM »
I'd like to hear those that have used them personally to speak about their effectiveness.

I've been using the light fiskas springbobbers on conventional setups, but I think it would be a much more streamlined system with the palm rod. 

What I am wondering specifically about is what brand/weight mono you use with them, what brand palm rod you use, and how exactly you go about fighting a large fish with the setup.

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Re: Palm Style 'Marmish' rods
« Reply #1 on: Nov 26, 2005, 09:13 AM »
Hey Red,  I picked up a couple marmish rods last season and had good luck with them. When I picked them up all the line I had was fireline ice, so to be honest I strung it up. It was either 6-8 lb I cant remember now.

When it comes to fighting fish, I usually put down the rod and hand over hand it like a tip-up. But You can use the rod, they are designed with a form of drag. You just gently squeeze the sides of the "reel" (palm piece) and it will slow down or stop the line (depending on how much pressure you apply), it's great for fish that like to take that run. The Key is to make sure you do not have the "reel" locked, if you do and that fish runs,there is a chance he will break you off, or damage the rod.

Another key to marmish rods is the tips, make sure you are buying the proper jigs for the tip you have on your rod. I bought a few poles and different weighted tips so that I can pre-rig them.

hope this helps.

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Re: Palm Style 'Marmish' rods
« Reply #2 on: Nov 26, 2005, 11:13 AM »
Yeah what Icejunky said. The Marmish rod has a brake system whereby you squeeze the reel end and this slows the reel down from releasing. It takes a bit of getting used too. It is generally hand to fish combat and if the fish takes more line than you have out then pick up the reel and start braking him and hope he doesn't spool you. I've never had this happen yet. I have 16 Marmish rods and alot of them were spooled when I was at their shop in Edmonton. We used black widow line which I think the boys said they preferred that line on their rods. I have used berkley vanish on them with good results. When you buy Marmish jigs, they come with line recommendations on the package. I have caught a 6lb laker on my marmish, 3lb test, and I used the braking system twice while fighting it.  A friend in Sweden landed a 17 lb pike and he said the brake system worked great on this big fish. Most fish are hooked in the outer lip area so teeth are not a problem. Apparently their website is down right now but it had some fighting tips on there. I'm sure it will be up and running soon, we hope. The only draw back of this system is if its windy and you have to toss your line somewhere make sure its downwind of you otherwise it may tangle alot on the ice. Make sure the area is free of hard snow as line can easily get caught and break line when you try and pull it out of obstacle.
Here is a pic of the fish he caught on his Marmish rod:

The fish may look smaller because this guy is 6ft 5inches and 275lbs ;D

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Re: Palm Style 'Marmish' rods
« Reply #3 on: Nov 26, 2005, 08:31 PM »
I've been using these rods for a few years now and find them to be among my favorites.  At times, they are all I'll take with me.  I have different rods set up with different lines, etc.  One of the things I noticed first off was the wonderful action these rods impart on a lure.  Can't be beat in my opinion.  If you have any questions, message me.  Good luck.

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Re: Palm Style 'Marmish' rods
« Reply #4 on: Nov 27, 2005, 05:03 PM »
the only way to pull a fish  is your fingers.because the line is so thin that it'll snap easy.i go personally with less than 2Lb test made in this country.i use a lines from europe.i've seen a 30lb carp pulled through the ice with 2lb test line.all u have to do is play with the fish.If it pulls let it go, don't try to stop it.the fish wears out faster in winter than summer time.your fingers are like a drag on the reel. ;D


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