Author Topic: To Spring Bobber or Not??  (Read 9361 times)

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Re: To Spring Bobber or Not??
« Reply #30 on: Nov 24, 2005, 06:22 PM »
Now TGF what are you fishing that you need such a sensitive approach to detect a strike in B.C. Canada of all places . ???


Sorry for the late reply Trapper. I have gone to areas where there was about 20 anglers icefishing an area for rainbows. They were having no luck. I brought out my marmish rod and for some reason that day the bows were biting very lightly. I would watch my indicator/bobber rise very slowly then drop down to original position. My buddy had a noodle rod and he couldn't see a thing. I caught alot of fish and they were all hooked in the outer lip. Only one other guy caught a rainbow that day and I had my limit in 20 mins then I lent my rod to my buddy and he caught too. I like to be able to set the hook quick and if I wait for the tug on the line alot of times it is too late and I miss the set.
So for rainbows they work great when the bite is off. I also like them for peamouth/chub that we fish in derbies here. My son and I caught 487 in 4 hrs. They were only 2-7 inches long but we were after the tagged fish. No luck but we both won prizes. Another team of 4 landed 54 fish.
Like you said Trapper...all fish have their moments and when the bite is off that is when I pull out my lite system and get a few. Even in BC the bite can be slow sometimes. Why heck, I could probably go down to Colorado and hammer a few baitfish :woot:


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Re: To Spring Bobber or Not??
« Reply #31 on: Nov 24, 2005, 10:45 PM »
Well about dang time you got back here Terry as I was starting to think that I would be filing for old age security before we were going to get an answer . LOL ;D  Well lad I thought some kind of baitfish and maybe even bows and your answer was a good one and now we all know what da heck is going on in good ol B.C. some days . ;D Thanks for letting us know . ;)



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Re: To Spring Bobber or Not??
« Reply #32 on: Nov 25, 2005, 08:28 AM »
i once had a small perch with my jig about an inch and a half away from his nose and not bite it for about ten minutes. ( by the way that perch never did hit the jig and swam away but it was cool watching it.)
...thats too funny......the waiting game and the perch gave up.....prolly waiting for a change of scenery.....come on you little booger!!!...Grump 8)


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Re: To Spring Bobber or Not??
« Reply #33 on: Nov 25, 2005, 06:59 PM »
i like to use 4 lb golden stren and watch the line for any weird movement either up, down or sideways. another great idea is to use lettuce rubber bands. cut the band into 1-2" pieces. thread them on your line[only 1] so it looks like a letter c. the slightest bite will make it move even the real lite biters. i saw 2 old pirates 1 year using this and i watched them and these guys seemed like they never missed a fish!!!!!!!!! hope this helps, big dave out. i also use either flurocarbon or camoline in either 2 or 4 lb test off the main line, lure on bottom in shallow water or a dropshot set in water over 15 feet deep. 


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