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yellow prerch?

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Wheres the best places to catch some yellow perch around Nova Scotia?



New Brunswick  ;D
No, but seriously, I spent some time in NB and had wonderful luck being my own guide while at college. It was hard work, but I am so happy I took the time to try spots out myself. No flasher, no shanty, just me, my auger, a bucket, my rods, and a few friends who knew little to nothing about ice fishing.
I'm guessing Nova Scotia isn't too much different. But I also hear they get pretty big over there. I always heard that HRM area lakes were good, I'm just not sure if that was for lakers, perch, pickerel, smelt, or everything.
Good Luck!

hmmm not exactly the answer i was looking for... where abouts in NB any lakes you can list off?


Actually, when I was fishing there, they had a list of lakes we could fish. I'm not sure if it's that way in NS, but I fished Sussex area. McManus, Mud, Oram. Did well on all of them, especially Mud and McManus. Mud was a small lake and the fish were easy to find. McManus is larger, and I was the first one out. Found them, and a week later the place was swarming with shanties (by that I mean 5). But I found them without any help, topo map, electronics, advice, anything really. It was fun and I still do that to this day on new lakes, though it's easier with the electronics! Also made some trips to the river and caught a lot of perch there.
Once I discovered smelt fishing in Saint John it was all over for me with the perch. I'm from South Dakota and it's perch fishing galore out here, so smelt was something different for me, and I got hooked.

That's quite a jaunt to where I was fishing. I'm not sure where you are at in NS, I've only been there once, and then only as far as Springhill, and not to fish. Like I said, try the lakes out around you. Should be fun. I just wanted to add my two cents, but hopefully the other guys on your board will help.

the problem is find a lake open for them
both albro and penhorn have yellow populations
some of the pickerel waters have fishing for
yellows but they are not technically open for perch
so you would have to practice c&r


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