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Well, made it out this morning to Pigeon.  Walked out to a spot.  It was over 650 meters out there.  Snow was over my boots, but, with the snowshoes I only sunk about 6 inches.  Very hard walk nonetheless pulling all the gear. 

Saw a fish right away but couldn't tell what it was.  Shortly after missed on a  big white.  Had to wait a bit for the next fish but it was a white.  White had 8 tries at the hook before it sucked it in.   Nice fight later I landed a huge specimen.  They make Sylvan whites look like minnows! 

Had another chance at a 3rd white and it sucked the hook in but it also pulled right out when I tried to set it.  Pretty slow to only see 3 in a morning.  No ling seem which is what I was trying to find to find more whites.   Still, I'm not going to complain. 



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