Author Topic: saturday the 23rd, Northern Buck  (Read 416 times)

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saturday the 23rd, Northern Buck
« on: Jan 19, 2010, 10:53 PM »
me and a few buddies plan on taking a trip up there this weekend, anyone who wants to join is more then welcome. we will be leaving hopefully by 6am from edmonton. anyone have any tips on this lake. i know from the provincal boat launch ive had luck straight west along the reed bed, also harder to explain but continue west stay left of the island and drive SW once past the island to the next avaiable shore line, ive seen and caught monster perch in this spot. seems in this lake they are tough to find, but once u do the bite is on. but any info on this lake would be helpful, my few friends have 0 interest in perch and ive taken them to jackfish lake here by edmonton only for both of them to be skunked 2 weekends in a row as i landed a few pike,walleye, and tiny perch all on my perch rigs. and yes i know typically it isnt hard to catch a pike if u remotely know what your doing, but any advice for teaching some friends in winter how/where to?


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