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Last Weekends Adventure

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     Well I finally got out for a few hours after hibernating for 2 months of bitter cold, where temperatures reached -48C and -56C with the wind chill. Saturday was a beautiful warm (-10C) and I planned to hit up Mason Lake for some Lakers and Pike. Well I changed plans in mid stream, about 1/4 of the way to my destination I noticed that the ice road that leads into Great Slave Lakes main basin was in. I decided that instead of bouncing across the very rough trails and lakes I would head on down the road. Now I didn't have my GSL chart with me so I had to wing it. I drove down the road until I saw a fishy looking spot, jumped off the ice road and headed towards a rocky point.

     I drilled several holes in a line between the point and an island 1/2 km away. The water depth varied between 70 and 90 feet and was under 3 1/2 feet of clear black ice. Bait wise I had herring and large (3") shiners. By the end of the day I wished I had brought some whitefish tackle as for 3 hours I had fish constantly under every hole I drilled, but not a single taker. I would have liked to have one of them neeto' cameras to see what was milling around my baits. I could have been upset but it was just nice to finally be outside again.

     I had plans to head out on Sunday as well but on the way home I got my sled stuck while trying to climb back over the berm onto the ice road. 20 minuites to 1/2 hour later after shoveling out my sled I was back on my way and by the time I got home was completely exhausted. And Sunday I had sore muscles where I didn't even know I had muscles!! :roflmao: I couldn't even move until 6PM. The good thing is we have another 6 to 8 weeks of prime hardwater fishing to go!!

      So no fish, but a few nice pics just the same.

Stunning pics! Some fish would have made it better, but beautiful none the less.

So I guess thats why they call you Drifter....going around from place to place looking for a good spot to fish. Not sure about the 016 ;D
Great scenery shots. Looking forward to more.

The handle has come over from other boards, the Drifter is the make of one of my Centerpins and the 016 is the serial #.
Hopefully my next outing will show some nice fisheys on the ice................and then coated in batter, frying away!!!        

Looks a bit chilly  :D


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