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Standing Bear Eyes


I read on the game and parks web site that there were a good number of eyes sampled on Stnading Bear.  Has anyone gone after them?  What areas are productive?

Hey there.
I read your message and thought I'd mention what I've seen/heard. A buddy of mine said they do best out in the central channel area. Game and parks has a free contour map. I'd suggest those areas with steeper drop offs into 18 - 20+ feet of water.

For what its worth, the food factor on that lake seems to be limited. The Crappie are awful small and I've only seen one nice Saugeye come out. She was caught in Spring time. Throwing crankbaits along the dam.


Geez i cant believe i am reading about the lake i used to live right by.
I lived up on Maple street beyond Standing Bear. I only caught little bass and little crappie out there. I was actually trying to ice a few of those yummy stocked rainbows. I heard there was walleye in there but usually were small.
Good to hear about standing bear. Is anyone catching much there this year.


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