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Fat Boy:
If you don't see your lake report here then we've merged it into the lake on the PA Reports and Conditions board.  Please post fishing reports and ice conditions there so that everyone can find them easily.  Threads started like this get lost easily.  Another advantage to using the R&C board is that last years reports get archived, so you can see what happened on the same lake last year.

So c'mon folks, get w/ the program!!!!  ;) ;D

Clarification:  Talking about lakes is different than posting reports and conditions.  For example:

"How would you go about fishing Raystown Lake on the ice?"  Answers to questions like that will stay in the General Board and shouldn't be posted on the R&C board. 

"I caught 4 huge bull bluegills on glow size 16 marmooskas and 16 perch at High Point Lake, the ice was 4"".  If we see a post like this then we're putting it where all can benefit.

Just so'z we square on this! :D


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