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Hey all, I just received a flier in the mail and thought I'd help my old Chadron State College club out and mention their 9th annual Ice Fishing Tournament at Box Butte Reservoir.  It will take place on Jan. 24th, 2004 and is put on by the CSC Outdoor Adventures Club.    If anyone is interested, I can tell you where to find pre-registration info / tournament rules, prizes, etc.

tell us more............ :'(

Put the information from the flier on a website:  (See if it works or not!) :-\

fished this tourney a couple of times a very well run tourney. A very fun time. It always takes a lot of weight to win this one.

but if you are in the area you should run up to Gordon and fish the Shell lake tourney the next day. I grew up in Gordon and Shell is a very fun lake. Just make sure you make it to the feed and Calcutta the night before.

        I will fish both these tourneys this year very fun

                james h

Is the 25th of Jan. (the date for the Shell tourney) pretty much set in stone?  I have fished both tourneys in the past, and I know that they are not always back to back.  If I remember correctly, there was no Shell tourney last year due to poor ice conditions.  If they are back to back, what a great way to spend a weekend!


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