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Icefishin Wizz:
Great day at PSP yesterday.  50 or 60 people out enjoying one of the best days we've had this season. I had gills and other assorted panfish stacked 4 feet deep at times. Kept a dozen 9-10 inchers for supper tonight.

Went yesterday lots of nice gills a few mini crappie no night bite shore may be iffy after this wk

Sounds like a good outing. How much ice? Hope to be there next Tuesday, just want the ice to hold until then.

Still 8-9" but shores will be bad I'm sure going tomorrow may be last especially with the warm week ahead even though it is a little colder there

Ice was good yesterday. Tricky at the launch, ice was thin right at the edge and the spud when right through but just at the launch. I went off the side and it was fine, 4". Got thicker as I moved out and when I was where I wanted to be the holes I drilled went through 8". The spud is your friend here and I didn't want to even try by the pinch point.


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