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Gas or Electric hole auger

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I currently have 2 gas augers an Eskimo and a Jiffy. I was wondering what model of electric I should try. Iíve heard of Ion if anyone knows are they reliable. Iím looking for less weight than the gas augers and easier usage.  If anyone knows of other models let me know.  Thanks for your time.

Ion seems to be the gold standard, but I've witnessed the strikermaster 40v and that thing is a tank too (and better priced than the ion). love the idea of electric augers, whether drill powered or with its own electric power head. No engine maintenance, no fuel to pack or spill, quieter, no fumes. Seem much more user-friendly all around

That is what Iím edging towards tired of messing with fuel.  I think it will be nicer to slap a battery on and go.

hardwater diehard:
StrikeMaster or ION are the way to go .The off brands have me leery as one or two companies have thus far went belly up ...and may not produce replacement batteries in the future . A couple more post I believe you can SEARCH ...use it to search the auger(s) you are interested in

hardwater diehard:
Are you a DIY person are you in a battery platform ...Milwaukee Dewalt ? Cordless drill set ups are hard to beat .


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