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With the jet stream plunging into the center of the country and PA being on the warm side heavy rain and temp. in the 50s to near 60 on Friday before the cold front comes through any ice will be lost on Friday. Then the high winds on Sat. and Sun .will prevent ice formation even though the temps will be very cold . It will be a month till you can get on the ice .

What part of pa will see 60.........philly?

Right now I would rather see the rain than 6" of snow on 1" of new ice.


--- Quote from: fishon814 on Dec 19, 2022, 01:43 PM ---What part of pa will see 60.........philly?

--- End quote ---

Scranton is supposed to be 55 on Friday , 47 in Tioga , 50 in Bloomsburg , 52 in Williamsport , 58 in Philly , 47 in State Collage , it mite not hit 60 , but it could  in some of the eastern part of the state .

Glad I don't live there!


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