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In the 20 years Iíve fished it I never saw or heard of the ice breaking away and floating. I suppose it could but youíd almost need a rise in water for it to happen. If that happens itís probably not cold enough to be good ice any longer. Itís not fishable every year but this year Iím thinking it should be. I havenít been up to check it myself yet though.

Fishings been ok

There has been guys fishing on the river in Harding with access from the Apple Tree boat launch on RT 92 for the past 2 weeks.. Its locked up but its a lot of jammed ice. Be careful if you go out there. Last year I went and checked the thickness and it was about 7-9 inches but it was still sketchy with the moving water being 15 feet from the edge of the ice. Couldn't do it and left. It takes a different type of person to fish the river.

Itís a addictionÖ got em again today

That one was 27 in caught one 14.75 before that sooo you never know


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