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I fish the Susquehanna a lot in open water near Wilkes barre and more south. Does anybody ice fish it during cold years like this one? Iíve drove by and seen a few spots that look like it could be doable.

   I drove down 92 from Harding to Falls today. There were 5 guys in two groups out in the center of the channel.
  I wonít step foot on river ice, so I donít know how thick it was out there.

Iíve seen people fishing the river just south of Naticoke where Rt 11 opens to 2 lanes and the speed goes to 55 mph.  Iíve never fished there and there was no one there on Friday 1/21.  To me it didnít look to have enough ice.

I fish the river on the bend near Nanticoke, and behind the old ugi coal plant. If it's a good cold year sometimes under the bridge in Shickshinny. Some years its great Walleye fishing sometimes it's just ok. Wear a life jacket or float suit and bring a buddy, there is no safe ice on the river so please be careful.

Is it true that sometimes the ice breaks free and guys ride the ice flow until they can get off safely?  I love ice fishing and say I would die to catch a couple walleye but........


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