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The OFFICIAL NEBRASKA ICE MAP Team is accepting verified Ice Map Reports from Ice Shanty. 

Please post your Ice Reports here, the Team will update the Ice Map.   ONLY ice thickness and conditions will be added to the map.  Please post your ice fishing success on a separate thread for open discussion.

Please PM me with any questions concerning the NEBRASKA ICE MAP!


Activity is picking up!  Several new Ice Reports have been added to the Nebraska Ice Map with a flurry of activity expected this weekend.

The Nebraska Ice Map Team will be in the Kearney Area Saturday checking several public fisheries.  Please report YOUR Ice Thickness findings here, the Ice Map Team will update the map.

A big THANK YOU to Melvin Nenneman from the VNWR for the Ice Condition Report

--- Quote ---01-13-2022, 09:38 AM
Valentine National Wildlife Refuge - General ice report 13 Jan 2022. Drilled several holes on the west end of Hackberry Lake in the evening of 12 Jan; ice was 6 to 9.5", thinner near the north shore. Open water can still be seen on Clear, Dewey, Hackberry and Watts lakes. Ice fishers have been observed on Clear, Dewey, Duck, Rice, Pelican, and Watts lakes. Temperatures have been above freezing since 10 Jan, and are forecast to stay above freezing until tomorrow afternoon (14 Jan), so there is melted water on top of the ice and very spring-like ice conditions.

--- End quote ---

New Nebraska Ice Map Update from our Valentine National Wildlife Refuge

--- Quote ---02-04-2022, 09:44 AM
Valentine National Wildlife Refuge - General ice report 04 Feb 2022. Drilled holes at Hackberry yesterday evening with 6-7" of good, clear ice; didn't have time to check other lakes but there were a good number of folks out on Dewey. Warm and windy weather on Tues (01 Feb) had opened substantial holes on Willow, Dewey, Pelican, West Long, Clear, Hackberry, and Watts. Cold temperatures Tue night-this morning have mostly frozen over these holes but fishers should be aware of potentially uneven ice conditions.
--- End quote ---

Added to the Map

...................... ......
"Island Lake had 7 inches on Monday the 7th with some open springs on the north side.I expect a lot of deteriorating ice conditions this week on a lot of lakes. The end is near."
Joe Rydell
NGPC Fisheries Biologist, NW District
...................... .......
A big THANK YOU to ALL of our NEBRASKA ICE MAP Reporters!
Harold F.


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