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Don't see this pond in the reports and conditions thread but fished it today.There was 9.5 inches of ice with 2.5 of it frozen slush and snow ice.The shoreline was solid. This 40 acre pond is located in northeastern Bradford County and is a county park..

I was looking for information on this place. How is the fishing there?

Nice place to fish,  catch bass,trout,perch,crappie,gills,bullhead.  Seems to hold ice well.

Ice still good?

I'm not familiar with this pond so unfortunately, I can't offer much useful info.

With that said, I have a couple of questions for anyone familiar with that area:

1. Are there any bait shops in Bradford County that carry minnows? I have a place near Towanda but cannot find anywhere relatively close that has bait. I read there were a few area bait shops that have closed over the years. Any suggestions would be appreciated (remember to drop the names/addresses/details) into the bait shops list pinned to the top of the PA forum.

2. Are there any ponds/lakes within a short drive of Towanda (maybe 30 minutes) worth fishing? I really like to target panfish (perch, gills, crappies) but also like spots that have a wide variety of species (bass, pickerel, walleye?). I know the Susquehanna has excellent smallmouth and walleye fishing but I've never ice fished a river before and know that river conditions can change quickly.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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