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Ice thinkness?


Canadian Beaver:
Hi there NWT!

Was wondering what ice thicknesses you guys get up there? Here in central Sask we have about 32” now.

Your sask. friends.

Haven't been out yet this winter as I've been battling this flu bug that's been going around but there is usually 3 1/2-4 feet by this time of year here in Yellowknife.

oso polar:
Great slave lake is about the same. The ice is exactly as thick as the flighting on my ion which translates to "34. We'll probably gain another 12-18 inches before the seasons over depending on the weather. In a cold year I've seen it 6 feet thick. I run commercial nets under the ice so i get regular input on ice thickness.

Canadian Beaver:
Wow 6feet! that’s amazing! 3 feet is about max here.


I consider 6 inches of ice a blessing.... This year 3.5 inches in my area ...... I'm heading north.


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