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i'll be giving the usual updates on ice conditions for tuscarora,locust,and mauch chunk.


thanks for all the help,looking forward to gettin on the ice!!!!

Fat Boy:
There's a link to the state park web site on the Reports section too under the thread ice thicknesses.  I find that for the most part the state parks do a pretty good job with this.  You can at least tell when the ice may not be safe moreso than if it's OK, but they get most of their info from anglers and sometimes first hand observations (depends upon resources, etc.).  But, if you look at several lakes in a region you can get a pretty good idea what's happening and put two and two together.  They try to update each Friday (but sometimes they don't update), so it's not always the latest greatest info.  Again, it's a useful tool, as a guide, to help you make a decision.  Many state agencies don't even post this much info.  Remember too that it only lists state parks, so it's not all lakes. 

Our membership is pretty darned good at being accurate about early and late ice conditions, let's all keep it that way here in the PA section this season. 


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