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does anyone know the website that mointors the ice on state park lakes? thanks

Pike Popper:


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Can't trust what they post, but if they say the ice is safe it is.  It's usually a foot thick by thier standards. You can find this out by checking peoples posts and where they're fishing. Usually people will tell you how thick the ice is.   

I agree with 1mofish they themselves (park rangers) rely on the ice fishermen to see if lake is safe.

That's the beauty of this site; fellow fishermen helping each other. It can save you from wasting gas only to find out the ice isn't safe by your standards. Also, you can't always rely on bait and tackle shops. Some are overly optimistic, (as in buy lots of these giant pike shiners!) and some ere on the side of caution. After a few seasons you know how to interpret the bait shop report. Local knowledge, and the reports of fisherman you trust are what you want to hang your hat on.


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