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Back a few decades ago I hit the bay often. Misery bay and Horseshoe pond were my favorite hangouts for crappie and gills. Did get into some jumbo perch a time or two close to the head of the bay (1st to 3rd parking lot). I am coming out of retirement this year and intend on doing Presque Isle plenty. Only 40 minute drive for me on a dry road.

I've fished up there just a couple times. Caught only a few perch and some gills. Would like to hear of crappie being caught there. Would like to fish for some jumbos too, but haven't a clue where to start. I didn't have a camera or vex before though. My good friend lives down in Meadville, so if I visit him, we would be able to go up. I'd like to get together too if other people are interested. About a 6 hour drive for me though :(, 30-40 from my friends. :)


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