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IR vs SR lighting


fishin madman:
Guys I was thinking about buying an Aqua View but the problem I'm having is trying to decide whether the IR lighting or SR lighting would be better. I was looking at the ZT model but was wondering if all that light would spook the fish? I allready have the VEX and I love it! Thought the camera would be a nice addition. Any helpful comments?

I have the Zt. Though even in clear water you won't see too far, I reccomend the SR lighting. As far as fish reaction, I did see some fish shy away, others didn't. I usually only had it down for a looksee at night, not constantly so it didn't affect me I think

fishin madman:
Thanx for the info Foxbow! Wanted to go with the ZT because of the longer use time and hopefully under the ice I can see where and what I need to see.

If you fish for crappies at night, you'll want the spectral response lighting like is on the ZT.

fishin madman:
Thanx Bean, I did a little night time crappie last year and it will be nice to actually see how the fish respond to different presentations due to the lite bite I was getting at times.


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